In March 2015 we were visited by Ofsted, the national body that inspects and regulates schools.

Some of their comments included:

“As a result of dynamic and dedicated leadership and management, this is a rapidly improving school with very strong capacity to improve further.”

“Behaviour is outstanding. Pupils are extremely keen to learn and thoroughly enjoy school. They work and learn in an exceptionally calm and caring environment.”

“Pupils say they feel very safe and have absolute confidence in staff to help them with any difficulties they may have. Parents agree with this sentiment.”

“All staff promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well through the subjects taught, as well as through the wide range of musical, theatrical and sporting opportunities.”

“The quality of teaching is good and some elements are outstanding. Lessons excite and engage pupils in their learning. Pupils are willing participants in lessons and benefit from good quality questioning and regular discussions about their work. Vibrant classroom displays support pupils’ learning extremely well.”


“Achievement is good. From sometimes low starting points when they join school, pupils make good progress. Disadvantaged pupils, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, receive consistently good support which enables them to achieve well. Standards in English and Mathematics are rising.”

“Provision in the early years is good. Children settle into good routines very quickly. These ensure they are well equipped for life in school.”

Links to more information

The full Ofsted report

Other Ofsted information and inspection reports

Parent View

We use our own questionnaire to give parents and carers an opportunity to share their views about their child’s experience at Halfpenny Lane. We take the results seriously, and constantly look to see what we can do better.

Statement % of parents that agree from 127 surveys. October 2017 % of parents that agree from 148 surveys. March 2018
My child enjoys coming to school. 87% 96%
My child feels safe at school. 94% 95%
The school understands and responds to my child’s needs. 97% 95%
My child is taught well at school. 94% 99%
My child is encouraged to work hard and do their best. 99% 94%
I am aware of what my child is learning at school. 91% 84%
The school seeks my views and listens to my concerns. 88% 85%
The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 82% 93%
The school deals with any incidents of bullying effectively. 86% 84%
The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved. 96% 95%
I think the school is well led and managed. 93% 95%
My child enjoys the school dinners. 84% 82%
I would recommend Halfpenny Lane to another family. 96% 96%

You can also see what other parents and carers think of our school – as well as upload your own comments – on Ofsted’s Parent View website, which is here.