At Halfpenny Lane, we aim to provide an appropriate learning experience for all students, whatever their colour, origin, culture, gender, religion or ability. The school has high expectations of all pupils. We aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to learn in an environment free of prejudice. It is the responsibility of all staff to educate against any form of prejudice or negative stereotyping and to ensure that their conduct with pupils and colleagues reflects this responsibility at all times.

Teachers are responsible for ensuring that:

  • Teaching styles, methods, language, questioning and classroom management includes and engages all students.
  • Suitable resources are chosen which motivate and are sensitive to different groups, cultures and backgrounds.
  • Stereotypes and what are thought to be stereotypical activities are effectively challenged.
  • Teaching strategies are reviewed in relation to variations in learning and attainment and in the light of known good practice.
  • They are aware of possible cultural assumptions and bias within their own attitudes.

Equality for opportunities

Where students have physical and/or learning disabilities, Halfpenny Lane will ensure that:

  • Whatever arrangements are reasonable and practical, within financial constraints, are made to ensure that disabled students can gain access to the curriculum.
  • We work effectively with local services and agencies, providing coherent support.

Halfpenny Lane will ensure that:

  • Guidance is given on subject choices and careers, encouraging students to consider non-stereotypical opportunities.
  • Gender issues are considered when preparing for, and following up, work experience account is taken of positive role models when inviting speakers and representatives into school and in the promotion of specific initiatives.

Halfpenny Lane will ensure that:

  • Links are made to involve parents directly in the work of the school.
  • Linguistic diversity is positively recognised.
  • Where necessary, interpretation and translation services are made available as quickly as possible.
  • Links are established with the local community.
  • Staff work effectively with other local services.
  • Learning support for ethnic minority students is efficient and effective.
  • Provision is made for the spiritual, moral, and social and cultural education, supported by appropriate resources and information.
  • Pupils’ names should be accurately recorded and correctly pronounced. Pupils should be encouraged to accept and respect names from cultures other than their own.

Halfpenny will ensure that:

Travelling students are successfully integrated into the school; where necessary, distance learning packs are provided to support continuous learning; travelling students with special educational needs receive appropriate support; and travellers’ cultures are affirmed to share and broaden experiences for all pupils.

Response to discrimination

All forms of discrimination by any person within the school will be treated seriously. A careful note of such incidents should be made, whether they take place in the school grounds, corridors or teaching areas. It should always be made clear to offending individuals that such behaviour is unacceptable.

Racist symbols, political symbols or other biased and/or offensive insignia are forbidden in the school. The display of such materials is regarded as discriminatory behaviour.

Continued discriminatory behaviour will lead to the involvement of parents.