Curriculum Maps

As a school we ensure that we teach all the statutory requirements of the updated National Curriculum.

Our approach is to teach a skills-based ‘Creative Curriculum’, as we believe in involving our children in their learning and equipping them with the skills they’ll need when they leave education.

Reading, writing and maths are seeded through our Creative Curriculum, and we link different subjects together to make learning purposeful.

Our Curriculum is based on key drivers that are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of our local area. Our key drivers are the focus of every theme of work which is developed through school.

Halfpenny Lane promotes British Values throughout the whole school day as well as in Curriculum teaching.

We are keen to share all that the children will be learning across the curium. Please make sure you follow us on Twitter to follow what the children are doing as well as reading our curriculum newsletters that explain what is happening for each subject for each year group.

Curriculum Policy

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